Wafer Paper Punched Wedding Cake

A dream wedding cake came true… for me, as a cake decorator.

I’ve always dreamed of making a cake inspired by Hey there, Cupcake!- with those punched wafer paper and gold brushed tier. I have her craftsy class and my next project will be to create more of those wafer paper flowers.

It’s also in my long-time-to-do-list to create a sugar/gumpaste peony. Thanks to Happy Cakes by Renee and Louise of CakeJournal.com for their very clear and easy to follow tutorials.

My first ever double barrel cake having 8 layers of cake which was a nightmare to ganache (using a ruler – behind the scenes in “What’s Caking” album) and of course, cover with fondant.

This was a surprise cake for the bride and groom who happened to be very dear to us and our youngest daughter’s godparents. They actually ordered a small, 1 tier cake, but we don’t think we can afford to give them just like that, so with combined efforts of hubby and I, we came up to this almost 17 inches tall cake.

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