How Cakes are Made in the Cheeky MunchCakes Kitchen

Finally, the day that I have long been waiting for has arrived. It was my last day at work yesterday making me officially a full-time cake decorator now. Weee!!! I’m excited to take this business to new heights, exploring all the possibilities and running the household as a full-time mum and wife at the same time.
For a good start, let me share with you how this business works, like how your cakes are created so you can better understand how TRUE it is when we say, “It’s NOT just cake!”
I didn’t get a degree in baking and cake decorating (in Business Management, yes and I’m so happy to be practising it now) but the time and effort that I have dedicated to learn the craft and try to be good at is a pride that is worth framing on the wall, I guess. Having said that, I believe that our time, effort and talent as cake decorators are worth paying right. Do we question the price set by party entertainers for just 2 hours? The plumbers? The electricians? The hairdressers? Their few hours work is worth more than the smallest cake we make for a minimum of 4 days.

How? Here’s how cakes in my humble kitchen are made:
Day 1 – Bake cake and make ganache (80 mins)
Day 2 – Make buttercream, torte, fill and ganache cake (90 mins)
Day 3 – Cover ganached cake with fondant (15 mins)
Day 4 – Decorate, photograph and box finished cake (average of 6 hours)

This is the process of the actual cake, NOT including the washing up and the actual making of the sugar decorations. Is that all? Well, you know it doesn’t start and end there.
-You enquire about the price, design, flavours, etc. – it takes 3 days or even more (the longest in my experience was 3 weeks and nothing was confirmed) before everything is settled.
-Then I do my research on inspiration and tutorials (if there’s any), which I often do at night, while everyone’s asleep, from 10pm until around 2am. And continuation in the morning when new ideas pop in.
-After that, shopping for materials online and driving to the grocery for ingredients which takes half of my day.
-Another 1-2 hours to colour the fondant in every colour you require, mixing food colours and kneading the fondant.
-Then the making of the decorations/figures that take no less than 6 hours and can go up to 10 hours or even more.
-Delivering to your door or venue or for your pick up praying that you’ll be happy to see the finished product and that it stays up the whole time in your event.

Please don’t forget that I am also a full-time homemaker who makes breakfast, prepares packed lunches, does the school runs, plays with the 2 year old in between caking, prepares dinner, baths the kids, tucks them in bed, then back to caking while everyone snoozes. Hubby does the tidying up in the kitchen and around the house after work, most of the time prepares spam, corned beef, noodles for dinner because kitchen is too messed up to cook decent food.

I’m sure I haven’t covered everything yet, but this is how your cake is made. That’s the reason why I can’t really accept rush orders. I need at least 2 weeks notice so I can make the cake that I will be proud to deliver to you.

I hope you now understand that my cake is NOT JUST CAKE. You don’t pay for the cake alone. You pay for the time, effort, talent and the memory that you will keep for years when you decide to see how your child looks when he/she turns 1 or how sweet you were when you exchanged slices of cake on your wedding day.
At the end of each cake, what i look forward to is your reaction and feedback to make me feel that the whole week or more was worth it. And finally, a day off with the family.

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