Celebration Cakes


Our business is now more focused on wedding cakes as it gives us more time frame to work on, but if your event is at least 3 months away we may be able to accommodate your order provided your date is still open in our diary. If it is, I can supply you with an initial price guide based on your design ideas, portion requirements and cake size. If you want to secure your date, £50 booking fee can be paid in advance.

Please note, we have a minimum spend of £250 per order excluding delivery.


Most often than not, celebration cakes take just as much work as wedding cakes, if not more. It requires more colours and even more challenging sculpting and moulding skills. Because of this, we can’t offer them at cheaper prices. We use the same quality ingredients as the wedding cakes and we give the same attention to detail.

To give you an idea, this flamingo cake costs £275 and it serves 42 party portions of 1″x2″x5″ or 58 finger portions of 1″x1″x5″ with few extra trimmings on the side. Having a combination of dummy tiers and cake tiers will reduce the total cost slightly.

Sweet Treats

Cupcakes – £3.50 each

Cakepops – £3.00 each / £3.50 packed with tags

Sugar Cookies – £2.50 each / £3.00 packed with tags

Chocolate Covered Oreos – £2.50 each / £3.25 each boxed with tag and ribbon / £5.75 for 2 boxed with tag and ribbon

Macarons – £1.50 each / £3.95 for 2 macarons boxed with tag and ribbon

Mini Cakes – £15 each / £18 each boxed with tag and ribbon

These are just starting prices to give you an idea. All other details like rainbow sponge, 2D or 3D figures, ruffles, name toppers and delivery add onto the above prices.


We also do consultations for celebration cakes at least 2 months before the event to finalise the design, flavours, number of portion and delivery time. We’ll arrange a mutually convenient time and place to talk through design ideas. I understand it is not always possible to meet in person so a consultation can either be through phone call, video chat or email. You choose what’s more comfortable for you.

After our meeting, an email will then be sent with the your final quotation stating the final details of your design, flavours and an estimated delivery time.


We prepare taster boxes every 2 or 3 months and we will contact you when it’s available to give you an option to try our flavours before our consultation. 

Our taster box consists of ‘baker’s choice’ samples of up to 5 flavours for you to try. It costs £25 which can be collected or posted for a minimal fee. A taster box is complimentary for minimum order of £295. If you then decide to book with us, £25 will be redeemed against your full cake order.

Please note, if your order is less than £295, you can still order taster boxes but these are not redeemable on the final order.


When everything’s agreed on the final quote, invoice will be sent and 50% needs to be paid up to 3 days upon receipt. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks before the event. At this point, any changes on design details along with your flavour choices, delivery and set-up needs to be finalised. We will also be sending the final invoice for any outstanding payments.

Payments are made through cash or bank transfer and details will be included in the invoice.